Zapateado and Tarima Workshops


Workshops by Cecilia Macuilxochitl Ortega

For many years now the voices, harmonies, and vibrations of traditional music Son Jarocho from Veracruz-Mexico, have caught the attention of many people throughout New York City

A small yet mighty community has for med around it in which once in a while, everyone gathers in one huge jam session or party of sorts called Fandango, to play, sing, and dance around a wooden platform called the Tarima.

As one of those proud advocates who wishes to continue to preserve this beautiful music and its tradition always, this introductory workshop is going to concentrate on a very essential part of the Fandango way of life: The Tarima and Zapateado, or the dancing rituals around it

For the Fandangos are the heart of Son Jarocho, and the heart of the Fandango is the Tarima, and even though one may not know how to play the music, or know all the words to most of the key songs, I hope that it will give one the courage to jump upon this wooden daise, and be apart of the celebration, which not only celebrates music and dance, but the empowerment of oneself.

Every Saturday from noon to 1:30pm: Beginners
Every Saturday from 1:30pm to 3:00pm: Advance

Cost: $7 per class, per person
Each Class: 90 minutes duration
Class size: 10-13 people
Instruments are provided: Tarima (Bring your Dance Shoes)
Info at:
cell 646-932-5877(Ceci)
Info at:

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