“TIO SAMUEL” is an ensemble of NY base musicians and Suricate, a band conformed by musicians from Bogotá, all of them from the jazz scene, Suricato is a band that manages to combine a diverse and balanced musical style in which faint and abrupt voices, dreamy lyrics, sharp guitars and a rock rhythmic base, are the most suitable ingredients to offer the listener a contradictory sonic experience now that from the soft moderation they can easily go to more impetuous and risky lands.


Pheeroan Aklaff/ Drums
Alejandro Florez/ Guitar
Ricardo Gallo /Piano
Martin Vejarano / Percussion
Maria Mónica Gutierrez / Voice
Enrique Mendoza / Guitar
Enrique Harker / Bass
Jorge Sepúlveda / Percussion

“TIO SAMUEL” at Terraza 7 on Sunday November 22nd at 8pm.

Cover charge for Mezzanine sitting: $10

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