Planta, a rock band born in Brooklyn, New York of 2003, was originated by Ricardo Ponce (vocalist and guitarist), and Marcelo Dominguez (guitarist).This creation brought a groundbreaking style influenced by rock, jazz, Argentinean pop, and the New
York music scene. With the inclusion of two more band mates. Planta has flourished into an unstoppable, hard hitting four¬piece: Jean¬Paul
Le Du on bass and Joe Hauser on drums. As a whole, Planta members play off of one another creating unique sounds that tickle the ears of music enthusiasts while satisfying the raw soul of the singer–songwriter bringing original songs in Spanish and English. Audience members gravitate to the psychedelic distortion and sound.”

PLANTA at Terraza 7 on Saturday January 23th, 2016 at 10:00 pm.
$10 Cover Charge for Mezzanine

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