Jarana and Versada Workshop


Workshops by Zenén Zeferino Huervo


Zenen Zeferino Huervo – jarana player, singer and poet – will be teaching classes at Terraza 7 every Sunday starting on March 20. In these workshops you will learn strumming and composition for son jarocho with one of the foremost representatives of this genre

In this workshop students will learn the basic rhythms and strumming patterns of the jarana jarocha, the main instrument of the traditional music of southern Veracruz, Mexico.
Using sones (son jarocho songs) like Buscapiés, Siquisirí, Colás and Morena, among others, the workshop will help students differentiate the tone, cadence and rhythm of each one and to put them in practice in the fandango, the community celebration where son jarocho naturally occurs.

In the poetry workshop, students will develop the tools to create verses in the eight-syllable, 10-line measure, typical of son jarocho. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with Zenén, a veteran of this genre, with a 20+ year career promoting and preserving the son jarocho tradition in Mexico and around the world. Each session will end with a practice fandango.
Every Sunday; starting on March 20; from 1pm to 3pm: Workshop
Every Saturday from 3pm to 5pm: Fandango
Cost: $10 per class, per person
Each Class: 2 hours duration
Class size: 10-13 people
Instruments are provided: Tarima; all levels are welcome with or without jarana
Info at: workshops@terraza7.com

Info at: radiojarocho@gmail.com / Julia del Palacio
Photo By Gustavo Rodríguez


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