World Music


CUMBIA RIVER BAND, Martin Vejarano's (Chia's Dance Party, La Cumbiamba NY) brand new project draws from a festive repertoire of Colombian Cumbia standards. These all time favorite Cumbia hits will take you back to the golden years of the genre as well as inspire you to dance and contemplate the joy and energy that this Cumbia River brings ... More

Maria Raquel, Samuel Torres & Alvaro Benavides

Samuel Torres, is one of today’s most versatile and formidable Latin jazz artists absorbing the richness of New York. “Son Colombia” is inspired on Bullerengue tradition and confirms that this multifaceted musician’s prowess as a composer has come to rival his international acclaim as one of the best percussionists of his generation... More

Carolina Cohen Trio

Carolina Cohen is an outstanding percussionist of afro peruvian rhythms. She perfected her skills with masters: Marvin Diz, Richie Flores, Hubert Reyes, Lalo Izquierdo, Chaqueño Martinez, Marco Campos, Giggio Parodi, Yaroldi Aabreu, Mauricio Herrera, and others. She was invited to play at the Teatro Colón from Buenos Aires, and played ... More

“Prasanna plays Illayaraja’s BG Score themes”

"Prasanna plays Illayaraja's BG Score themes" Illayaraja is the world's most prolific film composer having scored for around 1100 movies and continuing. His background score themes are as wildly popular as the songs from the film soundtracks. He is known for being a pioneer in integrating Indian folk and classical traditions with every ... More

Terraza 7 Venezuelan Jam

  The first Friday of every month our Venezuelan Jam will be dedicated to the dialogue among Jazz players and the acoustic memories of Venezuelan immigrants. This is a Monthly Jam Session in Queens, NY, where local musicians are able to play and create music in a collective and harmonious way. Musicians welcome and everyone else ... More

La Cumbiamba eNeYe / Gaitas y Tambores

La Cumbiamba eNeYe is bringing the joyful celebration that characterizes this amazing band for you to enjoy to the fullest! As the result of being a New York born and based group, where interactions and continuous contact with musicians from different places around the world generate new possibilities. The group takes coastal music as a ... More


With some of the finest Colombian musicians in the United States, Ronald Polo(vocalist/composer/gaitero) and Morris Cañate (master folkloric percussionist) join their talents to lead and ensemble rich of musical traditions of their ancestors; the afro-descendants of Colombia’s Caribbean coast. With the strong mesmerizing beats, this music ... More


SUPERMAMBO is A Vibes Tribute to TITO PUENTE Mambo King and timbalero extraordinaire Tito Puente was also an accomplished vibraphone player. The instrument was prominently featured on his early mambo recordings. Felipe Fournier is a percussionist and vibes player from Costa Rica who navigates between jazz and salsa. He has assembled a ... More


"LOS ALIENS" come from a place where their star radiates perpendicular into their atmosphere creating an environment where hot grooves reproduce like viruses becoming part of their daily sonic landscape. They infiltrated here and are using technology and their infectious rhythms to advance a tolerant planetary culture. They are known to be ... More