Illayaraja Night by Prasanna

For his June 4 Terraza 7 show, Prasanna brings back some of his favorite musicians - Shalini, Manu Koch, Steve Jenkins and Mauricio Zottarelli for yet another edition of Prasanna arrangements of the music of India’s legendary composer Illayaraja. The concert is also appropriately timed as June 2nd is Maestro Illayaraja’s 73rd birthda... More

Jazz Maalika’s Jackson Heights Block Party

Jazz Maalika's Jackson Heights Block Party is inspired by and rooted in the neighborhood. It combines Indian, Latin, and African American music in ways that that get hips shaking and minds exploding. This Indo-Latin funk jam fuses Bhangra with Salsa, Cumbia with Dandiya, gaitas with ragas, all in a groove that springs from the streets of New ... More

Kiravani and World Rhythms

For his April Terraza 7 event titled ‘Kiravani and World Rhythms’, Prasanna brings a powerhouse band of musicians hailing from India, Greece, Brazil, Suriname and Colombia to create an intoxicating array of rhythms that take the listener on a journey that is melodically blended with the sweetness of Carnatic Ragas. Taking on the Raga ... More

Illayaraja Night

Prasanna with his trio of Steve Jenkins and Mauricio Zottarelli just returned from India after performing in Chennai to a live audience of 15,000 fans and a worldwide Television audience of several millions for the special event to celebrate legendary Indian film composer Illayaraja's 1000th movie score achievement. Illayaraja is a ... More

Celebrating David Bowie By Prasanna Band

For his Feb 6 engagement at Terraza 7, Prasanna brings together the talents of vocalist Shalini, keyboardist Manu Koch, bassist Steve Jenkins and drummer Keith Carne (from the world renowned band 'We are Scientists') to celebrate the music of the great David Bowie. The band will play some of Bowie's most iconic songs mixing elements from ... More

“Guitar Mayhem”

For his Nov 7 Terraza concert titled 'Guitar Mayhem', Prasanna brings in Rock guitar legend and multi-Grammy award winning artist Vernon Reid as a featured guest and sets up the stage for a shred fest blending Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Indian carnatic and film music. Best known for his work with the band Living Colour, Vernon has also ... More

“The Indian Standard”

For his Sept Terraza 7 engagement called the 'Indian Standard', Prasanna will present an evening of Jazz Standards with Indian Spices and World Sauces. The unique blend of Indian Ragas and rhythms with well known American jazz standards by rogers and Hammerstein, Victor Young, Jerome Kern and tunes of Miles Davis and John Coltrane will be a ... More

Celebrating M.S. Viswanathan

For his Aug Terraza 7 engagement, Prasanna will perform the music of legendary Indian film composer M.S. Viswanathan, along with some Prasanna originals. M.S. Viswanathan was one of Prasanna's earliest musical influences growing up in Chennai, India. MSV was a pioneer in fusing Indian Carnatic and folk melodies with elements of Western Jazz, ... More


"Prasanna makes his guitar wail, trill, and scream in a way that would have made Hendrix proud" - legendary bassist Victor Wooten from his liner notes to Electric Ganesha Land For his July Terraza 7 engagement, Prasanna will perform his Indian/Rock fusion music from his acclaimed CD 'Electric Ganesha Land' for the first time with a western ... More