“Global Carnatic Songs”

Prasanna will present some of the beautiful Raga based songs from the Carnatic Indian repertoire in his own innovative arrangements featuring a Global contemporary sound that derives as much from Funk, Rock and Fusion as Brazilian, Balkan and other world music styles that his powerhouse band of Shalini, Manu, Panagiotis and Mauricio will ... More

“Oru Sanam – One world experience”

Prasanna plays MSV and Illayaraja. M.S. Viswanathan and Illayaraja cumulatively have scored for more than 2000 films in numerous Indian languages. These are two of the most revered film composers in India in the modern era. Their music have integrated so many musicals styles and cultures. The title "Oru Sanam" meaning "One people" - is ... More

“Prasanna plays Illayaraja’s BG Score themes”

"Prasanna plays Illayaraja's BG Score themes" Illayaraja is the world's most prolific film composer having scored for around 1100 movies and continuing. His background score themes are as wildly popular as the songs from the film soundtracks. He is known for being a pioneer in integrating Indian folk and classical traditions with every ... More

“Ambient Bollywood Carnatic Disclaimer”

A trailblazing guitarist and composer from India, Prasanna has redefined the scope of the electric guitar by becoming the world’s most pioneering artist of traditional Indian Carnatic music on this instrument. Extending his signature far beyond traditional music, the Berklee and IIT alum Prasanna is equally well versed in Jazz, Rock and ... More


  To close out a year of his engagements in Terraza 7, Prasanna returns to the music of his favorite Indian film composer Illayaraja as his source material for his Dec 2016 concert. Three of the biggest sell out shows that Prasanna did at Terraza 7 this year has featured him playing the music of Illayaraja with what he calls his ... More


When his iconic composition Ragabop came out on the CD 'Be the Change', the guitar community and the jazz world hailed Prasanna as a unique phenomenon. Magazines like Downbeat, Jazz Times and a lot of others heaped praise on the track calling the song even 'supernatural'. Numerous bands across the world have covered Ragabop. Ragabop also ... More

The Carnatic Face of Prasanna

Prasanna is the world's most well known guitarist in Carnatic music and has been a major influence on thousands of guitar players worldwide. For his Sept 3rd show, he will focus entirely on the Carnatic repertoire including songs by legendary Carnatic composers such as Tyagaraja and others alongside Prasanna's Carnatic raga based Origin... More

All Terrain Guitar + A.R. Rahman

Prasanna will be celebrating the release of his brand new CD 'All Terrain Guitar' which comes out the day before. ATG is Prasanna's most adventurous CD till date. Midwest Record says about ATG 'High Octane guitar fans will love the jazzbo shredding that powers this a log in high style' A. R. Rahman was among the first major artists to ... More

Illayaraja Night by Prasanna

For his July 2nd Terraza 7 show, Prasanna brings back the music of Illayaraja by popular demand- this time focusing on the rustic folk songs and Carnatic Raga based songs from the legendary composer's immense range of music. Prasanna brings the Brazilian virtuoso Zé Luis on Flute and Tenor Sax along with the masterful young Tabla player ... More