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Carolina Cohen Trio

Carolina Cohen is an outstanding percussionist of afro peruvian rhythms. She perfected her skills with masters: Marvin Diz, Richie Flores, Hubert Reyes, Lalo Izquierdo, Chaqueño Martinez, Marco Campos, Giggio Parodi, Yaroldi Aabreu, Mauricio Herrera, and others. She was invited to play at the Teatro Colón from Buenos ... More

“Prasanna plays Illayaraja’s BG Score themes”

"Prasanna plays Illayaraja's BG Score themes" Illayaraja is the world's most prolific film composer having scored for around 1100 movies and continuing. His background score themes are as wildly popular as the songs from the film soundtracks. He is known for being a pioneer in integrating Indian folk and classical traditi... More