Emilio Teubal Trio

Emilio Teubal, Pianist and Composer from Argentina based in NYC for over 17 years. After 10 years of leading his owns bands, and three records released as a band leader, Mr Teubal presents his latest ensemble: a chamber-like ensemble consisting on Piano, Spanish guitar and Clarinet. The music written especially for this ensemble,  draws ... More

Tres de Oros

Tres de Oros is a classic Latin American trio playing boleros and waltzes, old and new. Inspired by the golden era of romantic trios, which brought the genre to incredible artistic and expressive heights, Tres de Oros combines the talent of three established, New York based Latin music artists and composers. More than a tribute band, Tres de ... More

Zenen Zeferino & Sones en Tres

Sones en 3 is a project directed by traditional musician Zenen Zeferino and is based on the dialogue between son jarocho -- the traditional music, dance and poetry from the state of Veracruz, Mexico -- and other genres like jazz, flamenco, opera, baroque, and musica llanera, to name just a few. In each session, Zenen and two guests ... More

Terraza 7 Jazz Jam by John Benitez

A Latin Jazz, Brazilian/Straight ahead Jazz Jam Session. This is a weekly Jam Session in Queens, NY, where local musicians are able to play and create music in a collective and harmonious way. Musicians welcome and everyone else who wants to enjoy some quality music on Sunday nights. Come support live music and our community!   On ... More

Silvano Mosnasterios Quartet

Born in Caracas, Monasterios has been considered as one of the major jazz artists to emerge from Venezuela. He grew up surrounded by jazz music and developed his piano playing and harmony skills by exploring music on his own. Known for his lyrical style of playing, Monasterios was particularly influenced by the work of Chick Corea, Herbie ... More

Alex Conde / Flamenco Jazz

Alex Conde is a vibrant and visionary jazz and flamenco pianist, composer and music educator living in San Francisco. He is a graduate in classical music from the Jose Iturbi Conservatory of Music and in jazz piano from el Liceu de Barcelona. Conde began his tenure in US after winning a scholarship to attend the prestigious Berklee College of ... More

Gabriel Guerrero & Quantum Trio

Gabriel Guerrero has devoted most of his career to performing in Trio format. Coming from a classical piano tradition, where dynamics and a full range of the instrument are displayed, the trio gives him the space to explore and create with music written especially for this format with full interaction between members. Following the Trio ... More

Greg Diamond and Nuance

Critically acclaimed Brooklyn-based guitarist, composer, and bandleader Greg Diamond creates music inspired by Latin American sounds and rhythms which he seamlessly infuses into the context of modern New York-style jazz — with modal harmonies, odd meters, and various other elements that comprise the city’s vibrant and dynamic musical ... More


Adderesound is the first musical group catalogued as Mexican Fusion comprised of top musicians from Mexico and New York City. Originated in Mexico and created by Rudyck Vidal (composer, arranger, bass player and vocalist) Adderesound evolved when Vidal and Marilyn Castillo (vocalist and composer) moved to New York City: where cultures collide ... More