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Juancho Herrera Band

Venezuelan-Colombian and New York based singer-songwriter Juancho Herrera returns to Boston, a place he once called home, while attending the prestigious Berklee College of Music, to bring us his latest work "El Mismo Sol."  Herrera and his band will be taking the stage at Terraza 7 in Queens NY on May 7 2016. The ... More

“7 Train to R.D. Burman”

For his May 7th show at Terraza 7, guitarist Prasanna and his band will transform the unforgettable hit songs of Bollywood's most beloved composer R.D. Burman into a youthful journey of Hip hop breakbeats, Dub Step, Latin Beat and Carnatic Raga. With versatile singer Shalini as a special guest and a band featuring Bra... More